The Legend of the Imperial Tiger

For centuries, the Imperial Tigers lived in peace. This hench, but peaceful, community experienced generations upon generations of exponential growth in their economy, happiness and life fulfilment. 

Legend even says that these Imperial Tigers are gifted with magical abilities... 

However, in the year of 2022, a portal was opened into a mysterious universe. They called it web3. Curious to learn more, King Tyger IV ventured into the portal.

To his horror, an evil circus ring leader was waiting on the other side and immediately put him into a cage.

What followed was horrendous. The evil circus ring leader and his compatriots ventured through the portal and imprisoned all the remaining 2021 Imperial Tiger population.

One day, an unwell and young boy stumbled across one of these circus shows and saw these poor Imperial Tigers being mistreated and abused. 

In a desparate attempt to free them, he offered all the Solana he had been saving up for his medication to save the Tigers (0.69 to be exact). 

Cunning as he is, the circus ring leader agreed to free just one Imperial Tiger, and so the boy chose to free King Tyger IV.

Fast forward to today and 3 more Imperial Tigers (Royal Tiger, 虎二 and 虎王大哥) have been freed by this noble boy. 

Seeing his kindness, the Imperial Tigers have used their magical abilities to bring the boy wealth, happiness and health. This is what they call 虎進金來

Help us free the Imperial Tigers now!

Celebrating Asian culture through ART

First and foremost, Imperial Tiger Club delivers intrinsic value through our art. Our team has put a lot of effort into the selection of each and every trait!

We didn't want to be just another pixel art Solana project.

You will find unique traits and accessories in our project that have not been seen in this space. More importantly, our project is a celebration of the rich history and culture within Asia! You will find incredible traits such as Cup Noodles, Egg Waffles, Pocky, Custom Anime Costumes and many more!

Our project also has over 50 unique 1/1 NFTs that are inspired by Asian culture!

Club Benefits

Buying our NFT doubles as your exclusive Imperial Tiger Club membership where you can expect all kinds of exciting giveaways and future projects.

Dividend Model - This is very similar to staking in other projects. The only different here is that you don't have to stake your NFT to receive benefits! Buying our NFT will give you access to our monthly profits through dividends! 

Festival Giveaways - We will be giving red envelopes and holding special themed events to our community members during the main festivities across the year: Chinese New Year, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival (and many more!).

Merch Drop - Imperial Tiger holders will have exclusive access to our limited merch drop that will be released later in Q2. Your golden ticket to Supreme!

Second Collection - Automatic whitelist and discount to our second collection. 

Educational Content - We really want to educate the community more about the NFT space. There are too many scammers and rugs in this area that people need to be protected and educated from. ITC NFT holders will have transparent knowledge into our project and we will openly discuss all things NFT.

DAO - We will be implementing a DAO model in phase 2 of our project! Our community will have strategic voting rights into our investments in the metaverse!

Minting Begins

2pm GMT

Total Mints


Price per Mint

0.69 SOL

Be part of our community!

Our Roadmap

Phase 1 - JAN 2022 Art Generation and Strategic Planning

How can we deliver value to our community in a highly saturated market?

Phase 1 - FEB 2022 Backend Development and Collaborations

Securing our first group of influencers and agreeing collaborations with other projects!

Phase 1 - Feb-Mar 2022 Community Engagement and Giveaways

Engagement with our community to build awareness of our project. 

Phase 1 - MAR-APR 2022 Launching the Imperial Tiger Club Collection

Generation of Imperial Tigers collection and organic engagement with the community to bring awareness to the project.

Phase 2 - apr 2022 Secondary Markets, Rarity Release and ITC Collector Rewards

We will be listing on Magic Eden after our public release.

The collector rewards will then be open to competition. Start trading and get collecting!

Phase 2 - apr 2022 Dividend Model Implementation

Distribution of our monthly profits to our community.

PHASE 2 - Q2 2022 Release Exclusive ITC Clothing Brand

Launch of our exclusive clothing brand to our community!

Phase 3 - Q3 2022 Launch Sister Collection

Our second collection will be released so that we can expand our ever growing community!

phase 3 - q3 2022 Educational and Consulting Services

ITC will reduce barriers to entry for those who want to start in the NFT space and educate the community on areas of ambiguity.

phase 3 - q4 2022 To the Moon!
Continuous development of all the various initiatives as we globalize our brand.

The future - ITC DOMINATION.


Our Team

We have an international team that is made up of Asians across Europe and the APAC region.

As a team, we aim to put the community first and are building more than just an NFT project. If you are targeting big things, you're at the right place. 

The goal is clear - Establish ITC as a global brand and market leader as we venture into the world of web3. 

Tyger, the Creator
CEO & ITC Strategist
Royal Tiger
COO & Community Boss
CMO & APAC Tiger Lead
CMO & Content Creation Guru

Frequently Asked Questions

What Solana wallets can I use?

You will be able to connect using Phantom, Sollet and Solflare wallets.

How much will an Imperial Tiger cost to mint?

Pre-sale = 0.52 SOL

Public Sale = 0.69 SOL

What is the total supply of the Imperial Tiger Club?

The supply of the Imperial Tiger Club is 2022.

Passive Income via Dividends!

We aim to run this project much like a public company that has a dividend model. As the NFT space moves a lot faster, we aim to reflect this in our dividend model by distributing 6.9% of our projects monthly. Passive income? We got you.

Collector Rewards!

You can gain income from our project by entering the collectors competitions every month. These prizes are huge and can be a great way to earn some money. Did I see a 50 SOL collector reward?

Intrinsic Art Value

We have placed a lot of effort and energy into the design of our NFTs. All are unique in their own way and look dope af.

Access to Exclusive Future Drops

Holding our NFT will provide you exclusive access and discount to our clothing drops and second NFT collection. Imagine being able to hold a ticket that gives you first serving to Supreme. Exactly. 

There is a phrase that goes "To be different, you got to act different" and we at ITC are fully behind this ethos.

Firstly, we wanted our art to deliver intrinsic value. We didn't want our community to buy yet another pixel art project.

Next, we wanted our traits to be a celebration of Asian culture. You will see traits in our collection that are not found in other projects.

Lastly, our utility and vision. We really are taking a long-term perspective in building a brand and how we provide benefits to our community. Learn more in the sections above.